Forget Nico, ebook

Forget Nico, ebook

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90s Italy. Leda and Nico grew up together.

He was the Sicilian bully she refused to be intimidated by. She was the one friend he could not scare away. Their friendship changed both of them in unexpected ways.

However, now that they’re teenagers, they’re growing apart…just as Leda realizes her feelings for Nico go deeper than she thought. It’s the worst possible timing. Nico cares for Leda, in his own rude way—he always has—but he’s all into girls, making out, and acting up…until he crosses the line and gets caught.

What now?

With Nico in serious trouble, Leda has to decide if she should give up on him or give him one last chance at redemption. Could the bad boy have his own reasons?

What actually happened?

Teen angst, Italian gangs, and feelings so strong that they will claw your heart out. Pick it up now to see why readers are raving about the Italian Saga. You will love this addictive, empowering teen romance because of the incredible relatability and emotional depth of its characters.

Based on an incredible true story!

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