An Italian Summer, ebook

An Italian Summer, ebook

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Puberty: Italian tomboy Leda is bewildered and terrified.

As her body and her priorities change, she comes to term with the fact that she has a crush on the bully who’s made her life impossible for years.

What’s wrong with her?!

As she embarks on a journey of self-discovery amidst periods and gelato, you will be transported to a prototypical Italian summer: friendship, drama, crushes, first loves and first kisses. 

Nothing is what it seems in this humorous and heartfelt adventure that will have you addicted from the first page, laughing and crying, as fierce Leda learns and grows through mistakes and mishaps.

Set against the gorgeous backdrop of Northern Italy and soaked with Italian culture, this empowering story is based on the life of author and scientists GB Amman.

Join the phenomenon of the Italian Saga and see what other readers are raving about!

 You will love this uplifting novel for the emotional depth of its characters, the genuine voice of the author, and the relatability of the story, no matter where you grew up.

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